Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Program

In order to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in Switzerland, Phenomenal Women Global (PWG) participates in local events and organizes activities. Racial discrimination in employment is another challenge that affects women of colour, and stifles their professional growth. A recent webinar organized by PWG on Racism in Switzerland, on 2 September 2020 demonstrated (in a poll taken) that out of total number of 80 participants, at the webinar, 80 percent  (mainly of African descent) had experienced at least one or more forms of racism.  A recent report by the Centre Ecoute Contre le Racisme indicated that 41 % of the complaints it received in 2019 were related to racism against black people. Following the Black lives matter movement, more women of African descent, seek safe spaces to discuss these challenges.

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Understanding Diversity; A teenager’s perspective”, Phenomenal Women Global and Building Development Gaps, with the support of Canton de Genève, Bureau de l’intergration des étrangers is developing a documentary on Diversity and Inclusion in Geneva. The main objective of this documentary is to get a holistic understanding of issues in and around discrimination, diversity, and inclusion especially in high schools in Geneva

Promoting Gender Equality -SDG 5

In accordance with our vision to ensure  women and girls  have equal opportunities in leadership to men ,  and are empowered  with confidence and skills to determine the course of their lives & reach their full potential, PWG integrates Gender Equality in all its work, supporting the implementation of the UN sustainable Development Goals. Gender inequalities still prevail in many countries around the world. In Switzerland in particular, the median wage of women is 15% lower than that of men. Furthermore, violence against women still exists where two out of three victims of domestic violence are women. According to the Police Crime Statistics (PKS) of 2019, 19669 crimes of domestic violence were registered, with high proportion of women (71.9%) being affected than men in the country. 

Conferences, workshops, and online events provide information and knowledge on these issues and tools for women to survive and thrive. Role models and woman-to-woman empowerment techniques are widely used. Local experts including psychologists and lawyers are present in most events and provide advice on where to go for help and what protection structures exist in the Geneva.

  • Annual Phenomenal Women Global Leadership Conference , webinars and speaker series 

Annual Phenomenal Women Global Leadership Conference , webinars and speaker series

The Phenomenal Women’s Hub

A virtual and physical female co-working space for Cooperation, diversity and inclusion. The Women’s Hub offers events to promote female leadership, life skills, vocational skills and professional development through mentoring and training courses.  It also provides a safe space to discuss and address issues affecting women such as domestic violence, workplace harassment, inequality and discrimination that affect women’s personal and professional growth. (Coming Soon)

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