Leadership Conferences

Networking, Empower & Innovation

The Phenomenal Women Global Leadership Conference connects women across ages, professions and backgrounds to discuss thought leadership and sharing of best practices on diverse topics including: health & wellness, financial literacy, women in leadership, entrepreneurship, mentorship and career development. Participants also discuss social and legal challenges that women face including gender based violence, diversity, the gender pay gap, discrimination, harassment and restrictive legislation and policies.

Education Fund

Educate A Child & Build A Nation

Education is a key factor that contributes to the emergence of leaders and change makers. However in Africa several children drop out of school even before the complete compulsory primary education .PWG has created a scholarship fund to cover the cost of education of children with potential leadership capacity, especially those already in leadership positions in their schools.

Mentoring & Coaching

Gain Confidence & Skills to Grow & Lead

PWG offers its members mentoring opportunities. This program is a great opportunity for both mentees and mentors alike and aims to support women/girls in different sectors including their careers, business, start-up entrepreneurships and students by bridging the gap between academic learning and work experiences, and developing soft skills and confidence.

Community Outreach & Partnership Program

PWG supports community initiatives under its strategic objective of building local leadership capacity. Facilitating the Community-based approach to leadership translates the out puts from our global conferences and international priorities into community-led responses. Key recommendations and ideas are then built on in the various communities, through focal points volunteers and staff in the respective regions.


Donate to general activities, including the scholarship and economic empowerment fund- this will go to support children finish their education, and build life skills.