Phenomenal Women Global (PWG) is a nonprofit organization based in Switzerland and Uganda with a mission to connect, advance and empower women and girls by supporting their personal and professional growth; developing leadership skills; coaching and mentoring.

We create safe spaces to discuss strategies from women advancing in leadership, career and business and potential challenges faced, as well as eliminating discrimination against women and gender based violence, that stifles women’s progress. By placing emphasis on leadership training and mentoring especially for women from under served communities, we seek to promote their participation in decisions that affect their lives, in particular on national and global issues.

We are a truly intergenerational organization that harnesses the strength of women and girls cross-culturally and promotes interdisciplinary thought leadership and knowledge sharing between women and men leaders from diverse economic, social, cultural and political spheres of influence.


PWG encourages cooperation with women and men of all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, but also has a prominent focus on women and youth from underserved communities, including African women/women of African descent. 

Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our  mission is to support women's professional and personal development through capacity building and mentorship and to contribute to global efforts to attain gender-equality in  society, by focusing  on advancing women’s capacities and leadership skills, especially for women from under served communities. We seek to promote their participation in decisions that affect their lives, including on national and global issues  and  eliminate discrimination against women and gender based violence,  that stifles women’s progress.

We envision a world in which all women and girls  have equal opportunities in leadership to men ,  and are empowered  with confidence and skills to determine the course of their lives & reach their full potential.

  1. Accountability and quality: We value accountability and promote quality through continued reflection and improvement. We are responsible for our own activities, and   lessons learnt are internally shared.
  2. Integrity and respect: We value and promote integrity in all the work that we do. Respect everyone's worth and dignity, regardless of background, abilities or beliefs.
  3. Equality: We welcome all equally, but recognize there are distinct inequalities in many communities, and therefore tailor specific programs for people from underserved communities.
  4. People-centred: We use a person centred approach, realizing individual potential, building confidence and self-awareness. We ensure women have the support and flexibility they need to be effective leaders.
  5. Diversity: We ensure interdisciplinary and inter-generational learning from people of all professional and cultural backgrounds.
  6. Partnerships: We cooperate and collaborate with other organizations and individuals to enhance our work. We build and maintain relationships that collectively make us stronger.


The Formation of the Organisation

The idea of Phenomenal Women Global was conceived  in 2018, by a group of African women from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, that were conscious of the lack of gender and geographic representation in their organizations. This lack of gender parity in both cooperate and international organizations led to informal discussions between them and finally, the organization of a leadership conference in Geneva Switzerland in September 2018, “the Phenomenal Women Conference.”

One of the Co-Founders, Liza Sekaggya, a human rights officer at the United Nations drew inspiration from the UN EMERGE women leadership program, that she participated in, as a model of good practice.


PWG current structure is composed of 4 main components.

a) The Executive Committeethe governance and leadership body responsible for ensuring implementation of the mission and vision of the organization working with the technical team.

b) The Technical Team – that conducts the activities: Focal Points in several regions: Africa, Europe, North America; staff; fellows; volunteers and interns

d) The International Advisory Board.– that provides non-binding strategic advice to the Executive Committee of PWG and supports the development of strategy, policy, fundraising and activities in line with the vision and mission of PWG.

e) The Members – who have subscribed and have the right to vote at the Annual General Meetings.

Executive Committee Members

Liza Sekaggya


Diana Bagarukayo

Co-Founder/Secretary Uganda

Christine Sekaggya Wiltshire

Co-founder /Director

Irene Kalibala


Charity Kesime

Director/ Uganda

Staff - Technical Team

Natasha Wilson

Events Coordinator /Fundraising Lead

Gita Osei-Bonsu

Diversity and Equality Coordinator/Content Lead

Olamide Oshodi

Program Manager and Budget Focal Point

Manisha Tirelli

Writer and Researcher

Elvire Samira

Partnership and Membership Coordinator

Precious Uzoh

Communications and Social Media Coordinator

Qi Qi

Research intern

Parna Bhattacharya

Research intern

Joan Nandawula


International Advisory Board Members

Sandrine Cina

Co- Founder and CEO, Bowie Gender Projects incubator, Geneva, Switzerland

Yves De Matheis

Member of Geneva Parliament and Deputy Vice President Human Rights Commission, Switzerland

Anne Guimond Kostecki

Certified Professional Coach ,Geneva, Switzerland

Adebisi Adebayo

Founder bridging Development Gaps, Geneva, Switzerland

Feyikemi Oyewole

Administrator, United Nations , Geneva, Switzerland

Margaret Sekaggya

Former UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights Defenders, Executive Director Human Rights Centre, Kampala, Uganda

Laura Lopez Bech

Youth Director, Belgian Red Cross, Brussels, Belgium

Stella Opoku-Owusu

(UK), Deputy Director, AFFORD, London, United Kingdom

Citlalin de la Mora

Legal Officer United Nations , Office of Drugs and Crime, Vienna, Austria

Marisca Harrel

founder of METANOIA COACHING, Annecy, France

Connie N. Zhuwarara

lawyer, Independent Consultant, Harare, Zimbabwe

Natasha George

Communications Expert, Advisory Board Member, Phenomenal Women Global, Auckland, New Zealand

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