Individual Membership

 As a member, you join a network /association of women from diverse professional and social backgrounds around the world. 

Annual Membership Costs:

    • US$100/ 100 CHF for members outside Africa
    •  US$ 30, or local currency equivalent for members in Africa

Membership entitles you to:

  • Access to premium content  including:
    • Priority in selection for mentorship programs
    • In-depth coaching, and training 
    • Exclusive briefings and conferences with women and experts
    • Opportunities to volunteer with one of our partners in Africa, supporting women
    • Seminars on self development e.g. writing seminars, financial literacy, health and wellness seminars , legal etc.)
  •  Discounted prices to services including:
    • Space to promote your business, ideas, innovations at our global platforms and conferences
    • Conference tickets

Organizations Membership

At PWG we bring together many of the world’s most incredible women’s associations, NGOs, networking groups, academic institutions and world-class organisations, with the opportunity for members to meet face to face at the global Conferences .We offers a partner programme which entitles partner network members to receive conference discounts and other promotional benefits. We continuously look to expand our network of partners who create meaningful and lasting change for women. 

Annual Membership Cost: 

    • US$150 for organizations in Africa
    • US$ 200/ 200 CHF for organizations based outside Africa 

Membership entitles you to:

  • Exchange experience and information with other womens organisations  around the world including the possibility to collaborate on projects.
  • Receive  information on PWG activities, policy advice, networking and collaboration possibilities.
  • Benefit from joint project funding initiatives, and stronger visibility and advocacy.
  • Participate in exclusive training, capacity building activities.
  • Access to members and speakers exclusive events
  • Discount at events on tickets, exhibitions etc.
  • Space to promote your organizations, ideas, innovations at our global platforms and conferences.