Mastermind Series

Phenomenal Woman Global invites you to join its Mastermind Series on

1. Life Planning Masterclass

Join the session on Planning and develop tools to lead a more successful and productive life by learning how to:

  • Do a personal life assessment.
  • Plan for short-term and long-term goals.
  • Do personal financial plan and budget
  • Use personal financial planning tools, and budgets

This mastermind will give you an opportunity to connect with financial literacy experts including developing soft skills for crisis management. Certificate provided

Dates: 18 May and 20 May

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2. Entreprenuership Masterclass

The Mastermind Entrepreneurship provides you with an opportunity to learn how to;

  • Develop an idea or talent into a business.
  • Use different types of Business Models.
  • Learn about social enterprises and non profit formation
  • Identify sources of funding, fundraising
  • Understand the investment cycle and investor types.
  • Branding, the use various marketing tools including social media
  • Understand various legalities when running a business including protecting your Intellectual Property

This mastermind will give you an opportunity to connect with leading experts and coaches. Certificate  provided as well.

Dates: 25 and 27 May, 5 pm CET

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3. Career Development Masterclass

Would you like to land your dream job? Increase your knowledge of different job functions and career paths,  gain perspectives and insights from more experienced leaders or technical experts in the following:

  • CV(Resume) writing- techniques to have a winning CV
  • How to conduct  a successful job interview
  • Personal Branding /Reputation
  • Digital presence and Social Media
  • Strategic Thinking
  • General career development
  • Executive Presence

Dates:  1 June (CET)

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4. Leadership Masterclass

Build the leader in you and join this session facilitated by seasoned leadership experts, including certified John Maxwell leaders and coaches. Develop or enhance your leadership skills and gain knowledge on:

  • Leadership Qualities : Power vs Influence, Intuition, integrity etc
  • Communication, innovation
  • Vision, Prioritization
  • Creating positive change, transformational leadership
  • Personal growth and positioning
  • People: Ladder holding, mentorship, coaching
  • Various leadership styles , and shifts.

Dates: 15,22,29 June 2021

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Certificate provided

5. Health and Wellness Masterclass

Has the pandemic affected you mentally or physically? Are you curious to understand the correlation between health and wellness /work and life? Would you like improve the quality of your life and lead a healthier life style?    If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place. The Mastermind aims at demystifying the definitions and dimensions and proposes practical strategies to manage:

  • Mental health, emotional wellness
  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Social and environmental wellness
  • Physical Health

The session will also include a live yoga, exercise, meditation demonstration, as well as tips on self- care, healthy living and diets.

This mastermind will give you an opportunity to connect with leading experts and coaches.

Dates: 6 and 13 July , 5pm CET

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