Phenomenal Women Global Conference Boston 2019

On 22 June 2019 at the Sheraton Needham Hotel in Boston, USA, the first PWG conference in North America was held.This was organized by PWG in collaboration with Africans in Boston, an NGO network, of African professionals. Leading women – including African women in entrepreneurship, international organizations and political office shared thought leadership and personal experiences. Panel discussions included women, women socialpreneurs as well, supporting innovative projects in Africa. Women: Notable speakers included Sharline Nabulime, Councilor at Waltham City Council and like Christine Makori, Senior Counsel at the World Bank, as well as  a world cycling record holder, Monika Sattler who enlightened us with five key principles on how women can stay motivated in a male dominated society. The second motivational speaker Latonia Francois of “Let’s Write Life and Mental Health Advocate  spoke about the importance of journaling. A third panel “shared on the importance of building yourself through coaching, mentoring and spirituality in order to achieve your full potential and achieve success in your professional and personal lives

A news report of the event: